动画BD收藏攻略 BD Anime Collection Guide

F@NAZOrip 2019年11月03日
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Q: 字幕分种类?--Different types of subtitle?
A: 分为内外挂字幕:就是将字幕作为独立文件或封装进.mkv的形式存在。而内嵌字幕相当于直接在影片上渲染出文字。--They are external, internal and rendered. External & internal store subs as a single file or multiplexed into something like a .mkv; rendered subs are literally, rendered into the video itself.
Q: 内外挂字幕相比内嵌字幕有什么区别?--What difference does subtitle type brings?
区别 Difference说明 Explain
保留原画 Content Perserve× 如果内嵌文字把关键内容遮住还关不掉,你的幸福感会下降。If rendered subs obstructs somthing important which you can't turn off, you might be disappointed.
√ 外挂字幕可以随时设置为不显示,能看到关键内容了,幸福感up!You can turn non-rendered subs off, now you can see something important, great!
可修改 Editable× 内嵌有错别字就 gg 了。等字幕组发 v2?不存在的。In the end of time no one will repost the same video jsut with spelling error fixed, which you have to live with it.
× 还有一些字幕组内嵌的字体会造成阅读障碍(当然他们或许感觉萌萌哒)And some groups are having bad font choices for your taste (which they might like that way)
√ 外挂字幕你可以根据需要随时修改字体和颜色,修改错别字。You can edit non-rendered subs at any time, which makes your life easier.
文件大小 File Size× 内嵌渲染的字幕占用码率,文件会比挂载字幕大很多。Rendered subs takes bitrates, builds up more file size than any non-rendered cases.
√ 外挂字幕是实时渲染,所以不占用码率(这样同画质的情况下,体积更小)。External are rendered in real time, which takes a little bitrate.
升级片源 Upgradability× 内嵌想升级画质?自己做字幕吧=_=。Want to replace a better quality video?Why don't make another subtitle yourself=_=.
√ 假如有更高画质、没有圣光的片源,只需要直接替换片源即可,外挂字幕最多可能只需要调一下时间轴。For non-rendered subs, you just need to copy and paste for any higher definition, off mosaic sources. The most of your work might be changing timestamps a bit

外挂字幕还有其他各种好处,比如改下文字制作动态 gif 之类,等待玩家慢慢发掘。There are more benefits unlisted, such as easily making (static/gif) emojis and stuffs waiting to be discovered.

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Q: 用什么播放器来播放外挂字幕的影片? What media player supports external/internal subtitles?

A: 有Pot-Player、MPC-HC、MPC-BE、MX Player,VLC-Player等,目前反而是不支持这种字幕的播放器少,所有操作系统都是这样。

For now, in any operating system platforms, there are actually less media players that don't support external/internal subtitles.

Q: 为何不要TV版,收BD?

Why collecting BD instead of TV version?

A: 画面更锐利,有重画场景,特典(OP/ED/CD/MV/OVA/预告片)等源档。最重要的是:没有圣光、没有圣光、没有圣光

Sharper video, re-drawn scenes, collector's special (OP/ED/CD/MV/OVA/original trialer) in uncompressed state. Most importantly, no censorship, no censorship, and no censorship

Q: 为何不支持正版买BD? Why don't just buy official BD?

A: 因为1.支持正版的同时要支持盗版,否则DVD都能卖成BD的价格,特典随心情放。2.没钱。3.有钱也买不到。4.买的人太多,带动未成年人为了社交收益购买,导致审核会加大力度。

It's because 1.You need to support official, and piracy at the same time, other wise you'll see DVDs being sold in BD's price, collector's special may not be included to save budget. 2.no money... 3.can't even access a purchase. 4.Extra censorship force applied due to under-ages want to be same as good as majority, due to too many people are buying and showing off.


It's good for people to support officials, but don't do that if that victimize you. For your safety please never be proud or guilty of it.

Q: 收藏BD的硬件推荐? Hardware recommendations for file preserving?

A: 需要大容量机械硬盘作为仓库盘。一个3T硬盘存五六十部大体积BD也是没问题的。最好使用新企业盘,监控盘。关键指标是非叠瓦式储存格式和非二手。目前的价格可以搜索这篇文档:谷歌盘 / 百度云, 密码87no

Require large mechanical drives as library drives. a 3TB drive can swallow 50~60 BDs with no problem. For best performance, try go get some new enterprise drives or surveillance drives. The value to look up is a non-SMR (PMR), never used hard drives. For pricing, you can check this document: google drive / baidu netdisk, password 87no

Q: 什么是仓库盘?如何降低存储成本? What are library drives? how to spend less?

A: 仓库盘就是录完就拔出来,不一直连着电脑,进而不会消耗寿命。

A library drive is an off plugged storage loaded with data. It will not be connected with your PC unless necessary. This is the easiest way to extend hardware life because how mechanical hard drive works.

从通电开始,机械硬盘就开始减少寿命。大概每提升 10 度,寿命损耗速度大约变成 2 倍。现在或许技术有所进步,但是温度照旧会加速寿命消耗。断电保存的话,50年左右应该问题不大。

As long as the drive is running, you are reducing your drive's life time, and every rises in 10 deg celsius, the wearing speed doubles. Techs today may reduce wearing, but you still can't look away from it. If you could unplug the drive when not using them, you could get 50 years of functioning with no worries.


A: SSD无法断电保存。断电 3 个月数据就全部丢失了。SSDs can't preserve data more than 3 months with out power.

Q: 云盘, Cloud drives?

A: 强烈不建议。Strongly unrecommended


According to user agreements, CLOUD IS NOT YOUR DRIVE, cloud drives has right to delete your file and they can always change their agreement to improve censorship, pricing and annoys you to pay them. So mostly you are using cloud drives for sharing instead of saving.

Q: 如何下旧资源?Getting older anime resourses?

A: 百度云、迅雷、115,还有网友们存放的各种空间。要不就等人补种(机会渺茫)或发悬赏(需要论坛账号)。

Check forums, blogs and websites for subtitle/compressing groups, or ask for it on some forums, you are not likely having much chance at this point.
所以我建议从现在开始就收集资源,免得以后都河蟹完了想下载都找不到资源。一般在动漫花园 share.dmhy.org 和 nyaa.si 就可以找到绝大部分资源。另外,nyaa 上的资源,一般都有资源发布组的官网。
So, I recommend you to start downloading animes you like now, and prepare for future. Usually you can go to share.dmhy.org or nyaa,si, note that you may find the website link from who posted the download page.

Q:升级画质有什么生肉?Groups recommendation for upgrading visual quality?

A:现在 Reinforce 和 Beatrice-raws 很勤快,比较接近 BDbox 画质。Yousei 这种损失轻微的生肉组也不错(但是现在 Yousei 已退),国内很多压制组修瑕疵的力度大小各有不同,看喜欢干净的画面,还是接近原始 BDbox 画质的。这里就不展开讨论,有兴趣的同学可以查资料。

For now, there are Reinforce and Beatrica-raws doing good and looks close to BDbox original. Other groups like Yousei (already quit) reduces visual artifacts. Note that every group may do things differently, it also depends on if you like BDbox original or processed to look differently
有兴趣的同学可以加 Q 群进行讨论:222715329

转载与翻译补充/Re-posting and translating supplemental:

  1. 本篇文章即使对转载者本人也有很大教育意义,故此分享,我们之前只想到了用连接线制作移动硬盘,并没有想到利用其方便断连的特性储存仓库盘,对于出于观影目的专门买硬盘储存动画的朋友来说很有启发。This article is quite inspiring even for reposter himself. Our group has only considered external drives with large capacity, instead of complete off power a cheaper (or larger capacity in same price) internal drive to improve it's life time
  2. 由于当前(2018年)市场上绝大多数能买到的、网友们广泛使用的2到4T储存盘中几乎不存在密封盘。在储存的同时,灰尘与湿度同样较大影响硬盘寿命,为保存起见建议额外购买硬盘盒。硬盘少的话也可以直接放在电脑内。Note that current (year 2018) hard drives on market are not completely sealed like helium drives. Which makes dust and moisture a considerable threat. To eliminate this concern, buying a drive enclosure, or leave them unplugged in PC is recommended.
  3. 无论硬盘是否处于工作状态,只要磁头贴合在磁盘时,物理运动(主要是震动)会对硬盘产生大影响,需永远保证其处于静止状态。雅虎就因为数据中心换了大楼,用购物车转移服务器,直接把一批硬盘给颠坏了。地震多发的地区建议增加软垫等缓冲。Nomatter the drive is powered or not, as long as the read write head is on the drive disk, physical motion (mostly vibration) will greatly hurt your drives. Yahoo once became the victim when transferring servers to another building by shopping carts, the vibration has directly killed them a bunch of drive. For regions has frequent earthquakes, it's recommended to soft pad your hard drives and computers with hard drives.
  4. 广大网友对迅雷比较失望,仇恨度高,这里要为迅雷说句公道话。首先,迅雷开启后即占用100%CPU是不存在的,迅雷主要使用系统空闲资源,不会过高占用CPU。其次广大网友诟病的迅雷只下载不上传同样是不存在的,事实上,迅雷的p2p下载与上传依赖于ThunderPlatform.exe,这个进程会记录所有经过迅雷平台下载文件的hash信息,并在开机后利用系统空闲资源自动上传。即事实上,迅雷无关是否启动,都是开机即上传的,并且这个过程即使在迅雷内清空任务也不会终止。而该进程又被进一步包装成XLServicePlatform服务,默认情况下在进程一二次中断后都会自动重启,普通用户无法简单关闭。关于是否使用,请各位见仁见智。
  5. 对于储存压制组,其实收藏我组作品也挺不错的。我们高度赞同文中网络资源不稳定性的观点故选择本地保存,这里也体现出我组制作定位的初衷:小体积方便储藏和流通。按照寻常BD压制的体积定位,每1TB存储可以保存20-30部动画。相对地,1T你可以储存我组压制的所有作品,从公元前作品开始、直到天荒地老。另不建议收藏上文中提到的压制组中裸压组作品。We recommend you to download our, or other compressing group's animes, which we insists on small file size and easier file transfer. In ordinary, every terabyte can store 20~30 anime series. In contrast, with just 1TB is enough to save all releases from us, and we don't recommend those raw groups releases, just saying

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